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TeraGlobus provides a variety of services to private and public organizations and R&D actors looking to develop international partnerships to advance their technologies, secure Intellectual Property, and commercialise.


Core research and






TeraGlobus in numbers


More than 18 years of experience in innovative project management


More than 19 years of experience in core R&D activities in the areas of ICT, IIoT 


Two offices in two Baltic capitals Vilnius and Riga


EU projects

participated by members of the team 


Collaboration with more than 80 industrial, academic and scientific partners 


About TeraGlobus

TeraGlobus is a joint stock company located in Baltics. With head office opened in Vilnius, Lithuania, TeraGlobus expanded its presence to Latvian capital Riga and have opened a branch there.

TeraGlobus is covering different areas of operation: R&D core activities, ICT expertise, dissemination, management and consulting.

Combining a business perspective based on 19-years deep industry expertise and symbiosis with industrial partners and scientific institutions, TeraGlobus solves challenging problems with a focus on sustainability and innovation.

Along with our partners we share an ultimate vision of Europe being a part of the global innovation ecosystem. We join the knowledge, technologies, skills and creativity to work cooperatively and to create a safe future for the next generations.


Cutting-edge technology

  • Working within EU projects TeraGlobus contribute in development and implementation of cutting-edge technologies for better, safer and sustainable world.

  • Together with well-established industry frontrunners TeraGlobus create innovative solutions within Artificial Intelligence (AI), 5G data networks, Big Data, Autonomous driving, E-learning platforms, Digital healthcare, Water management, Energy and Climate, Agriculture and Civil engineering.

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Core research and development

  • Our team members have been conducting research for numerous years in areas related to the design, management and performance evaluation of high-speed telecommunication infrastructures and services, healthcare and transportation, service-oriented architectures, business process management, e-government and e-commerce applications, and software engineering.

  • In doing so participating in EU projects at the same time  TeraGlobus have been publishing extensively in top journals and magazines worldwide, e.g., IEEE,ACM, Elsevier, Springer, Wiley, and contribute to the main conferences in the field.



  • End-to-end customized software development for versatile industries

  • Management functionality for intelligent systems, databases and network infrastructures;

  • Internet of Everything solutions: IoT software prototypes design and development, system integration, testing and demonstration;

  • Development of AI algorithms in vehicles;

  • Non-causal reasoning techniques;

  • Service-oriented architectures;

  • 5G-enabled cooperative and connected mobility solutions;

  • Vehicular communications (V2V, V2I, V2B...);

  • Next generation of Advanced driver-assistance systems;

  • Emergency management algorithms;

  • Traffic management algorithms;

  • Driver behaviour modelling and exploitation;

  • Mobility-as-a-service and new paradigms.


  • Interfacing the public, private, and academia partners, to ensure a successful innovation development cycle from early research stage to prototyping and market introduction.

  • Our company works with emerging small and large industry businesses, public bodies, universities, and individual inventors to develop international partnerships to advance their technologies, secure Intellectual Property, and commercialise.



  • Exploitation strategies to ensure the applicability and efficiency of the developed technologies; 

  • The state-of-the-art market analysis to assess the demand for the outcomes of the project and identify the key stakeholders;  

  • Business Modelling and Commercial Road-mapping; 

  • Dissemination activities to make the research activities and the progress of technological developments visible to external communities;

  • Communication activities to maximize the project’s innovation potential and to attract a wide range of stakeholders;

  • Processes for inter-consortium information exchange to establish a European technological networking platform, through which further significant synergies can be achieved;

  • Large-scale end-user and stakeholder surveys, to gather public’s attitudes. 



  • TeraGlobus provides project management services for knowledge-driven organisations and researchers. Our experts have vast knowledge management experience and expertise in the areas of: telemedicine, IIoT, agriculture, civil engineering, as well as e-learning platforms, and autonomous driving.

  • We can help to identify and evaluate the potentially successful project idea for R&D institutions, companies and to find relevant calls. Since TeraGlobus is collaborating closely with R&D policy makers we know all the requirements necessary for proposals and we are glad to assist our partners to conform to that.

  • We can support you in all project management related tasks – from submitting deliverables on the EU portal to preparing reports or proof reading.

  • Due to our extensive network formed during 19-years of operating within the industry we are able to assist you in shaping the consortium with bringing in strong stakeholders from both: commercial and academic field.


We are part of

Ongoing projects

ArchitectECA 2030.PNG

ArchitectECA 2030

The overall key targets of ArchitectECA2030 are the robust mission-validated traceable design of electronic components and systems (ECS), the quantification of an accepted residual risk of ECS for CAVs to enable type approval, and an increasedend-user acceptance due to more reliable and robust ECS. 

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HosmartAI will create a common open Integration Platform with the necessary tools to facilitate and measure the benefits of integrating digital technologies (robotics and AI) in the healthcare system. 

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The main goal of NewControl is to deliver fail-operational holistic virtualized platforms for vehicular subsystems that are critical to automated driving (SAE Levels 3+), enabling mobility-as-a-service for next-generation highly automated vehicles.

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The mission of the AI4DI project is to make Europe the leader in Silicon-born-Artificial Intelligence for accelerated edge processing. This means to bring the Artificial Intelligence from the cloud to the edge while making it resilient, safe, and secure for the manufacturing and process technologies of the future.

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The AI4CSM project will develop advanced electronic components and systems (ECS) and architectures for future mass-market ECAS vehicles. AI4CSM will deliver key innovations in: sensor fusion and perception platforms; efficient propulsion and energy modules; advanced connectivity for cooperative mobility applications; vehicle/edge/cloud computing integration concepts; new digital platforms for efficient and federated computing;intelligent components based on trustworthy AI techniques and methods.


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